5 out of 13 of the largest solar cooling plants installed between 2007 and 2017 are equipped with Absorption chillers fabricated by BROAD.

The figures were recently published by the latest edition of the Solar Heat Worldwide report, which summarizes global market developments and trends annually. The solar thermal cooling systems include the 2 largest plants worldwide. They are located in Singapore at IKEA (Cooling capacity: 880 kW, model: BDH76X-82/90-11/16-100) and in the US, Arizona at the Desert Mountain High School (Cooling capacity: 1.75 MW, model: BDH151X83.3/95-34.4/29.4-7.2/12.7-B3-200). The report also shows that the number of solar cooling systems increases year by year.
Figure 1 2,472 m² solar cooling system at IKEA Singapore delivers 1,587 MWh for an 880 kW BROAD absorption chiller.
Photo: IKEA Singapore
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