The mission of BROAD Group is "FOR HUMANITY'S FUTURE"

The mission of BROAD Group is "FOR HUMANITY'S FUTURE", all BROAD technologies are the world's first, and all BROAD products are essentially optimizing earth's environment and human life.
Broad Air Conditioning supplies non-electric central air conditioning under built-in vacuum condition powered by natural gas and waste heat and packaged water distribution system. It is world-renowned for super efficiency.
Broad Energy Efficiency provides equipment, investment, design, construction and operation of district cooling-heating-power (CHP) projects, and pursues the greatest extent of energy conservation through market mechanism.
Broad Clean Air supplies clean fresh air systems that can filter PM2.5 by 99.9%, a complete series of clean air products from commercial to domestic use and wearable air quality monitoring device for personal use.
Broad Sustainable Building provides sustainable buildings (BSB) featuring core tubular stainless steel structure, 5 times less energy, 100 times cleaner air, and 100% factory-made.
BROAD, established in 1988, headquartered in Changsha, has over 3000 employees and products in more than 80 countries.
BROAD Headquarters - BROAD Town (pictured at 4pm, 12 Oct, 2015)
BROAD Town is the headquarters of BROAD Group. It is located in the eastern suburbs of Changsha City, 16km from the city center and 12km from the airport.
Named as ''BROAD Tech Park'' in 1997, it was the first tech park named after a company in China. It is home to dozens of technological inventions that have impacted the whole world, for instance, the world's first non-electric exhaust air conditioning, the world's first fresh air purification machine, the world's first factory- made sustainable buildings.
BROAD Town covers an area of 1km2, 0.68km2 is reserved as ecological protection zone and organic farm. It is a factory with the least factory features. All residential buildings at 0.25 million m2 on the campus have adopted 15-20cm thermal insulation, 3-4 paned windows, external solar shading and fresh air heat recovery machine. BROAD exports air conditioning to more than 80 countries, yet it seldom uses air conditioning itself.
At BROAD Town, organic food, self-processed cerels and edible oils, and reverse osmosis water is all available. Staff have no desires to buy vehicles are awarded monthly, and garbage is classified before recycling, What's more, the grocery here is unattended, dinning-table and floor is so clean that you will not spot a single grain of rice or a piece of paper. All rooms enjoy 100% fresh air with Pm2.5 be filtered by 99.9%.
Theatre, gym, yoga studio, boutique hotel and 44 statues of the most influential are scattered on the campus, making BROAD Town a harmonious community between the environmental value and human value.


Year of Establishment

680 000 m2

Green Land & Fish Pond Space

100 ha

Occupied Area

0 %

Pesticide & Fertilizer Utilization Rate

2.5 times

Bigger than Vatican

0.6 times

Bigger than Monaco.

0 %

Detergent Utilization Rate (replaced by dietary alkali)

327 500 m2

Floor Space

70 800 m2

Factory Space


Garbage Categories

29 500 m2

Office Space

148 000 m2

Virgin Forest

8 900 m2

Cultural Space


Artificial Plants

129 000 m2

Residential Space

120 species

Wild Plants

35 900 m2

Dormitory Space

10 species

Advanced Wild Animals

16 400 m2

Hotel Space

80 species

Resident Birds & Migrant Birds

9 000 m2


18 000 m2

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