We Roll Our Own Absorbers

Absorption design is our core competency and primary focus. Unlike many current players in the absorption market, Broad designed and created its first absorber in 1988 with its own human capital, hard work, the desire to be the best.
This home-grown approach has allowed Broad to continue to innovate and lead as the worldwide customer base has grown to over 80 plus countries.
The main processes are carried out by robots and digital machines
Broad Chillers are Factory Tested that can insure the chiller will yield the operating performance characteristics as designed. It can also be a great opportunity for the operator to learn about the unit which will be cooling or heating the building and to become an expert in the operation of the absorber.
The only way to really validate that the chiller supplied is meeting the design specification requirements. Field testing can be extremely challenging and expensive to replicate. Lowers risk of "system issues" and eliminates field verification of chiller performance which can be very time intensive and difficult to accomplish.

Global internet monitoring system is installed on ever y BROAD chiller, providing our customers with lifelong free Internet monitoring service. The Monitoring Center is located at B ROAD headquarters, and monitors the real-time running status of chillers 24/365.
The center monitors the real-time running status of chillers 24/365.
Any abnormal or alarm information will be sent to BROAD service engineers immediately so as to solve problems in the beginning.
Ce centre permet un fonctionnement des machines ininterrompu, et sans que personne ne travaille sur place. Cette plateforme permet d'effectuer plusieurs surveillances sur les machines : le centre, les agences, les techniciens et les clients. Elle est capable d'alerter et paramétrer les machines à distance. Le centre de télésurveillance garde à vie les données de fonctionnement. Pour les clients, l'installation ne nécessite qu'un câble informatique.
Abrasive blasting, more commonly known as sandblasting, is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a roughsurface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface or remove surface contaminants.
BRAOD has the world's largest whole unit shot-blasting facility (1,632 m3) which can shot-blast chillers of all dimensions. This is an essential process for chiller's good performance and long life-span
• It provides rust cleaning on chiller surface, strengthens painting adhesion and eliminates risk of leakage caused by corrosion.
• It releases the residual stress, eliminates leakages of welding and tube expansion caused by chiller structure deformation.

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