An absorption heat pump works on the same principle as an absorption cooling unit: it captures the calories from the combustion of fuel (in the form of superheated water, steam, and exhaust gas) and it is heated to a higher temperature and then transported in heating networks. At the same time, the heat pump can cool a system by recovering its heat.
With this heat recovery, the efficiency of the Broad heat pump is greater than 150%.
  • Heating Capacity: 282kW-56,489kW
  • Heat resource: Steam, Hot water, Exhaust, Natural Gas, Oil, ...
  • Recover the waste heat of steam turbine condenser, engine jacket water for heating-Power plants
  • For preheating of makeup water to boiler-Power plants, boilers.
  • Recover the process waste heat for heating-All kinds of industrial processes
  • Recover the low temp. heat source from solar energy or geothermal energy for heating up to 90 degrees Celsius.
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