The BE Series double-acting chillers / heaters directly convert heat from hot gases from cogeneration engines (engines, turbines, fuel cells), industrial furnaces, incineration plants, industrial heat into cooling and heating. The BE series can operate in cooling and heating mode. All units are supplied with a bypass valve that bypasses excess input heat based on cooling or heating demand. The hot gases circulate in the generator shell of our BE unit to minimize the pressure drop. The control is based on PID logic to maximize the coefficient of performance (COP) at full and partial cooling / heating loads. The user can easily operate the chiller using a built-in color touch screen and monitor it by means of communication protocol options: ModBus RTU, Profibus or TCP / IP.
Two-stage Exhaust Chiller
  • Cooling Capacity: 233kW-11,630kW
  • Exhaust Temperature 500°C-160°C
  • Exhaust Pressure Drop: 0.75kPa-2kPa
  • Cooling / Heating Only
Baleares, Spain
California, United States
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