Natural gas or other fuels are used to drive the absorption chiller that provides a better option in the regions where the electricity price is high.
Also, with Broad unique technology, the chiller can generate heating water (65 Degrees Celsius) to customer in winter.
  • Cooling Capacity: 233kW-11,630kW
  • Gas Pressure: 16 kPa-50 kPa (Standard)
  • Dual Fuel Burner (Gas and Oil, Low NOx, <10ppm)
  • Cooling /Heating /Domestic Hot Water

The Cooling Principle

The input heat energy heats LiBr solution to generate vapor, which is then condensed into water by cooling water. When the refrigerant water enters evaporator (in high vacuum condition), its temperature goes down immediately. And it is sprayed over the copper tubes to make cooling.
The water absorbs heat from air conditioning system and evaporates, then is absorbed by concentrated LiBr solution from the generators. The cooling water takes away the heat and rejects it into the air. Diluted solution is pumped into HTG (High Temperature Generator) and LTG (Low Temperature Generator) separately to be heated to begin the process all over again.

The heating principle

The input heat energy heats the LiBr solution. The vapor produced by the solution heats the heating water or hot water in tubes, while condensate returns to the solution to be heated and the cycle repeats.
As "separate heating" is adopted, the heating cycle becomes very simple, just like a vacuum boiler and the life span of the chiller can be doubled.
BROAD Broad has the unique technology in the world that can realize "Three functions in one unit".
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