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What kind of energy sources for BROAD chiller?
Natural Gas, Diesel, Heavy oil, biogas, solar, hot water, exhaust, steam etc.
BROAD chiller can be "three functions in one", cooling/heating/sanitary hot water.
What is the minimum chilled water and condenser water temp?
5°C min. for chilled water and 10 °C min. for condenser water inlet.
What is the chilled water and condenser water flow rate adjustable range?
50~120% for chilled water flow rate. 30~110% for condenser water,
BROAD control panel provides flow vary control signal.
What is the chiller load adjustable range?
5~115%. Chiller load automatically vary with fan coil load that is PLC controlled.
What are the COPs (Coefficient Of Performance) of Broad absorption chillers?
  • Direct fired chiller: 1.42
  • Two-stage exhaust chiller/Two-stage hot water chiller/Two-stage steam chiller: 1.50
  • Single-stage steam chiller: 0.79
  • Single-stage hot water chiller: 0.76
Do you stock parts in Europe?
Yes, we have a stock parts warehouse in France.
Do you make ammonia absorbers that use ammonia?
No, BROAD only focus on the absorption chiller with LiBr solution. No plan to make ammonia absorbers.
What's the refrigerant of absorption chiller?
Distilled water.
Lead Time
In general, 22 weeks door to door after release and up to 13 weeks in special circumstance.
Clearance Dimension
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Instructions de montage
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Hot water Valve
For hot water driven chiller, Broad offers 2-way or 3-way hot water valve.
Exhaust Valve
For exhaust driven chiller, BROAD offers exhaust valve as optional part.
BAS interface
BROAD offers dry contact, Modbus RTU, BACNET and LonWork.
Standard Warranty
12 months from commissioning OR 18 months from shipment.
BROAD offers extended warranty up to 30 years..
Split shipment
If limited by access of customers' machine room (or limited by container transportation), split shipment can be chosen. In general, chiller above 1,000 kW will be split into two pieces as main shell and HTG. 3 pipes must be connected at job site.
Water pressure
The standard pressure limit for chilled/heating/cooling water box is 1 Mpa for absorption chiller and 0.8 MPa for Maglev Bearing Oil Free Centrifugal Chiller.
Monitor system
We provide 24/7 monitor service for life time of chiller. An Internet connection is required. If network cable is not available, wireless network also be supported.
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